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IHE XDS Advanced

Number of Days: 2 days, 09:30 to 17:00. Your instructors are available during lunch and after 17:00 for informal discussions about your specific area of interest or applications.

This training has not been scheduled this year; it is only provided upon request.

Additional Information/Registration: Call +31 337630636, or e-mail us at Training@ringholm.com.

Keywords: IHE XDS/XDS-I/XCA/XCA-I advanced topics and troubleshooting best practices, hands on testing, XDS test tools.

Who Should Attend: This hands-on training course is aimed at those that manage, implement or test XDS/XCA or XDS-I/XCA-I based architectures.

What is covered: The primary goal of this training course is to provide the attendee with hands-on troubleshooting skills. In support of this the training course provides an in-depth discussion of a selection of advanced XDS topics. The focus will be on common data flow patterns of XDS-based infrastructures. The attendees will be asked to simulate all steps of these data flow patterns. As a secondary goal this training course aims to familiarise the participant with XDS testing/simulation tools so they can be used after the training course itself. This is a hands-on training course; at least 50% of the time will be spent on hands-on exercises.

Speakers: Your tutors will be Robert Breas and René Spronk and/or others, depending on location of the training course and the language used.

Learning goals: after this training course the attendees will be able to:

  • Troubleshoot common XDS/XDS-I/XCA issues
  • Use XDS/XDS-I/XCA simulation and validation tools
  • Support the (further) implementation of XDS/XDS-I/XCA
  • Create/set up policies for maintenance and provide support for XDS/XDS-I/XCA.


Day 1

  • Introduction
    • Use case used throughout the training course
    • Introduction to the testing infrastructure
    • Centralized server side tools, client side tools
  • XDS/XDS-I Upload Scenario
    • Hands-on, test scenarios and best practices
    • Metadata validation
    • Validation of affinity domain rules
  • XDS/XDS-I Query scenario
    • Hands-on, test scenarios and best practices
    • ATNA, XUA, SAML Tokens
    • Consent verification, BPPC

Day 2

  • XDS/XDS-I Change Management scenario
    • Hands-on, test scenarios and best practices
    • IOCM, MUP
  • Cross Affinity domain scenario (XCA/XCA-I)
    • Test scenarios and best practices
    • Image routers
  • Tooling overview
    • Server simulation tools
    • Implementation tools
  • MHD (FHIR based XDS)
  • On-Demand Documents
  • Summary

Prerequisites: Attendees are assumed to have some hands-on experience with XDS in their own organisation. Attendees are requested to bring their own laptop and have administrator rights (to e.g. change IP-adresses); and they will be asked to install a suite of tools prior to the training course. See the full set of prerequisites (in terms of knowledge, hardware, software).

Number of Attendees per Class: Min 6, Max 20.

Course Materials: Ringholm will provide each participant with handouts containing all materials covered in the training as well as other support materials.


About Ringholm bv

Ringholm bv is a group of European experts in the field of messaging standards and systems integration in healthcare IT. We provide the industry's most advanced training courses and consulting on healthcare information exchange standards.
See http://www.ringholm.com or call +31 33 7 630 636 for additional information.