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Introduction to IHE training course

Number of Days: 1 day.

This training has not been scheduled this year; it is only provided upon request.

Additional Information/Registration: Call +31 337630636, or e-mail us at Training@ringholm.com.

This training course is also provided on-site upon request. Call +31 33 7 630 636 for additional information.

Summary of course content: This course will provide the attendee with an overview of the IHE methodology and the IHE standards. The IHE (Integrating the Health Care Enterprise) activities have resulted in a series of profiles. Each profile standardizes a particular workflow and describes how existing base standards (such as HL7 v2 or DICOM) should be used to support the workflow. The IHE process and the main characteristics of a number of key products produced by that process will be covered. The functionality of the folowing set of profiles will be covered: the 30 most commonly implemented profiles in Europe, and the 27 profiles that were recognised by the EU for use in European procurement processes. This includes coverage of IHE XDS, Radiology and Laboratory workflows.

Who Should Attend: This training course is aimed at those involved with the design, development, implementation, deployment and support applications that use (or will use) the IHE standard. The target audience includes project managers, clinicians and architects, as well as a more technical audience (e.g. software developers) for whom this overview acts as an introduction to the use of IHE specifications in healthcare.

Learning goals: Upon completion of this training course, attendees will be able to:

  • Be aware of the IHE process.
  • Understand the key characteristics of the core IHE specifications, e.g. XDS and Imaging Department workflows.
  • Know how to use IHE profiles in the context of an RFP / a systems procurement process.
  • Identify those parts of the IHE specifications that may be relevant in the context of the attendee.

Prerequisites: Attendees are assumed to have general knowledge of healthcare workflows.


  • The IHE process
    • IHE organizational, process aspects, Connectathon
    • General issues: actors, transactions, affinity domain
  • IHE Profiles
    • Infrastructural Profiles
      • Infrastuctural Basic Profiles (e.g. ATNA)
      • Patient Demographics Profiles (e.g. PIX, PDQ, PAM)
      • Authentication Profiles (e.g. EUA, PWP, HPD, XUA)
    • Radiology Workflow Profiles (e.g. SWF, PIR)
    • Laboratory workflow Profiles (e.g. LTW)
    • Document Sharing Profiles (e.g. XDS, XDS-I, XDR / XDM / XCA / XCA-I, DSUB)
      • Document Content profiles (e.g. PCC, XD-LAB)
      • Consent Profile (e.g. BPPC)
  • Exercise: workflow analysis
  • Use of IHE Profiles to solve interoperability challenges in your organization
    • IHE Conformance Statements, RFPs
  • Summary

Number of Attendees per Class: Min 6, Max 25.

Course Materials: Ringholm will provide each participant with handouts containing all materials covered in the training as well as other support materials.

Faculty: Robert Breas, Rene Spronk, Christof Gessner (and/or other tutors, depending on the location and language of the training course).


About Ringholm bv

Ringholm bv is a group of European experts in the field of messaging standards and systems integration in healthcare IT. We provide the industry's most advanced training courses and consulting on healthcare information exchange standards.
See http://www.ringholm.com or call +31 33 7 630 636 for additional information.